Best grey hair dye for men
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Best grey hair dye for men

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Cover grey hair
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Cover grey hair

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Cover grey hair
  • Suitable for Men and Women
  • Recommended for use on facial hair
  • Express Men is a multi-use ammonia free product
  • Colours in 5 minutes – time controls the depth of colour
  • Ideal to use for a touch-up
Available in 5 natural looking colours.

Best grey hair dye for men
  • Discreet is not a dye
  • Does not contain ammonia or peroxide
  • Colours gradually
  • No colour staining
  • Eliminates dandruff
Developed in the 1950’s, Restoria Discreet is the grey hair treatment that gradually restores natural looking colour to cover grey hair. Discreet products do not contain Peroxide or Ammonia and are tolerated by most people that are allergic to permanent hair dyes.

About Us .

The Australian company, Ward Laboratories, grew from humble beginnings in the 1950′s as a family owned and operated business that manufactured and distributed Restoria Hair Cream. In 2007 Restoria brand was acquired by Combe International.

Today the Restoria grey hair removal products are available worldwide with agents in over 65 countries, making Restoria one of the best-known and highly respected brands in the anti-grey hair colouring category.

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Restoria products are time tested and trusted, and still come up tops with our customers, worldwide.

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