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What causes grey hair?

As we age, the levels of melanin in our body start to decrease, which in turn causes our hair to go grey. Melanin is the pigment that determines natural hair colour.
Q. At what age will I get grey hair?
A. Grey hair can appear at any age. On average people begin to go grey around 30 years of age. Premature grey hair affects some people in their teens, whilst a very small and lucky percentage of the population may never go grey at all.
Q. Is there a cure for grey hair?
A. Unfortunately there is no cure for grey hair. However, there are many products on the market to help you deal with grey hair.
Q. What can I do?
A. Going grey isn’t cause for concern. With Express Men you can eliminate grey hair in a few easy steps and be on your way to feeling more confident by looking younger.
Express Men is the no fuss solution to colouring grey hair at home. It provides 100% grey coverage that won’t fade or wash out and always leaves the hair feeling thick and natural and healthy. Express Men includes a unique brush that with the aid of a gloved hand makes the application easy and the no-drip cream formula does not run or splatter.
Packaged in resealable tubes, Restoria Express Men is an economical hair colouring product that can be used whenever grey hair appears. It is also convenient for touching up the grey areas of your beard, moustache and sideburns.

Why should I colour my hair?

Ask yourself this—if colouring your grey hair will generally improve your chances in the business arena and with the ladies, what’s stopping you? Using Express Men ensures that you won’t miss out on any opportunities in the job market or on the town.
Q. How many shades of colour are available?
A. Express Men is available in five different shades: Light Brown, Natural Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Jet Black.
Q. Is Express Men permanent?
A. Restoria Express Men is a permanent hair colour, allowing the colour to last until it grows out.
Q. Can I use Express Men on my moustache, sideburns and beard?
A. Express Men can be used safely and effectively on facial hair.
Q. How long does that colour last?
A. On average, the permanent hair colour in Express Men products will not wash or fade out and will last for up to 6 weeks.
Q. Does the Express Men colour look natural?
A. Express Men achieves a natural look. Each colour variant is designed to blend in with your natural hair colour providing the most natural looking results. Plus you can easily control the depth of your colour by varying the amount of time you leave Express Men in your hair.
Q. How do I know that I can trust Restoria Express Men?
A. Restoria has been manufacturing anti-grey hair products for over 60 years. Every product has stood the test of time and has a loyal following.
Q. Can Express Men be used to touch-up the regrowth?
A. Express Men is ideal for touching up your grey or white roots as they appear. The product tubes can easily be resealed so you can always leave a pack in the bathroom for any grey hairs that appear unexpectedly.
Q. Can I use Express Men on previously coloured hair?
A. If you have been using a gradual grey hair colorant, like Restoria Discreet Cream or Lotion or any other product, it is advisable that you shampoo your hair at least 2 or 3 times before using Express Men.
Q. Can I use other styling or treatment products after using Express Men?
A. All styling and treatment products may be used in conjunction with Express Men.
Q. How long do I leave the Express Men product on my hair?
A. For the first application you should leave the product on your hair for only a few minutes, so that you can estimate how the colour works with your hair (very fine or porous hair tends to take to colour faster than thick hair). You can control the depth of colour by how long you leave Express Men on your hair.
Q. Can I re-use the left over product?
A. The multi application product tubes can be sealed and used again and again, which makes Express Men very economical.
Q. Will Express Men stain my clothes or skin?
A. Express Men is a permanent hair colour that can stain. We recommend that a small quantity of an oily product be applied to the ears or hairline to avoid staining. We suggest that clothing be covered and that excess colour be wiped from the forehead, ears or neck. Stubborn stains can be removed by using an exfoliant cream.
Q. What if I have an allergic reaction to hair dyes?
A. Please read the instruction leaflet and use the allergy test described before you use the product.
Q. How often should I shampoo my hair?
A. As often as you like. We do however recommend a gentle shampoo.
Q. How do I know which colour is best for me?
A. For the most natural results, always use a product one or two shades lighter than your original hair colour.
Q. Will people notice I have coloured my hair?
A. If you are not ready to advertise that you colour your hair, try colouring on the same day you have it trimmed and no one will be the wiser!
Q. How do I apply Express Men?
A. Express Men hair dye comes in 2 resealable tubes with an applicator brush. Squeeze equal amounts of the product tubes on to the applicator brush and comb through hair. Wait 5 minutes, rinse and shampoo as usual.
Q. Can I apply Express Men to my hair without using the applicator brush?
A. Yes, if you prefer, you can mix equal amounts of the two product creams in the plastic tray and then apply to your hair with either a tint brush, or gloved fingers. The development time will remain the same.

Why Express Men?

Express Men is the easy way to permanently colour your grey hair. Perfect for busy people looking for a quick, no mess solution. Express Men effectively colours your grey in minutes. The colour lasts for weeks and will not wash out, providing 100% coverage and leaving you with healthy, natural looking hair. Express Men can also be used on facial hair.
Re-use it whenever you need it
Express Men comes in resealable tubes for multiple applications. Store it in the bathroom cupboard until you need a touch up. Nothing is wasted, making it the economical way to keep the grey away.
‘No mess’ formula
Express Men is a creamy formula that sticks to your hair, not to your bathroom towels and walls, so there’s no mess or clean up involved.
Touch up only the grey areas
Express Men is a creamy formula that comes with its own applicator brush and gloves. Simply apply it to specific grey areas, not your entire hair.
Express Men works on all types of hair
Express Men is designed to keep its colour and work on all hair types—curly, straight, thick, brown or black. It lets you maintain your original hair colour on a permanent basis, to keep you looking as young as you feel.

How do I use Express Men?

Instructions For Use

Step 1. Use towel
Step 2. Apply cream
Step 3. Brush through
Step 4. Leave 5 minutes
Step 5. Shampoo hair


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