Best grey hair dye for men

Restore your confidence

Developed in the 1950’s, Restoria Discreet is the grey hair treatment that gradually restores natural looking colour to grey hair. Discreet products do not contain Peroxide or Ammonia and are tolerated by most people that are allergic to permanent hair dyes.
Restoria Discreet hair cream and lotion works with the hair’s natural chemistry, returning your hair to a natural looking colour gradually over 2 to 3 weeks.
Hair colour can be controlled simply by frequency of application and can remove all the grey or just some, depending on your desired result.
There is no mixing, no colour charts, no mess and no gloves, just a simple grey hair remedy. Restoria Discreet is suitable for all hair colours and is simply rubbed into the grey areas.
With the added benefit of helping to control dandruff and containing its own built in conditioner, Restoria Discreet is a complete grey hair treatment that prevents grey hair, helps stop dandruff and makes you look—and feel—younger.
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Restoria Discreet Cream: Restoria Discreet styling cream grooms and conditions the hair.
Restoria Discreet Lotion: Restoria Discreet lotion is a clear, light lotion ideal for people who want a lighter result.

  • Discreet is not a dye
  • Does not contain ammonia or peroxide
  • Colours gradually
  • No colour staining
  • Eliminates dandruff